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Look Beyond the Sale....Know Before you Buy!

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Our Services

Residential Home Inspection

Hire a Certified Home Inspector to assure you are getting the most out of your home inspection

Don't let surprises get in the way of enjoying one of the best investments you'll make!

Sewer Inspection in Fort Collins Colorado

Sewer Scope/Inspection

A Certified Sewer Scope Inspector can locate and document any issues in the main sewer pipe from the house to the city main or septic tank.

Sewer line repairs are often costly. Know before you buy!

Radon Testing in Fort Collins Colorado

Radon Testing/Measurement

Certified Radon Testing/Measurement Services for pre-sale and pre- or post-mitigation.

Ensure your family is safe by adding Radon Testing to your home inspection or have your existing homes Radon levels tested today!

Residential Home Inspection

What We Inspect and Why

A home inspection is a visual examination of the home's major structure, systems, and components that are visible and safely accessible. Buying a home is typically the biggest investment you will ever make, so it's important to get a home inspection because the inspector can find and document defects that may or may not be obvious to you as a prospective buyer. Such defects can range from simple replacements or repairs to severe damage or safety and health concerns. 

  1. Interior, Exterior, Walls, Windows, and Doors

  2. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

  3. Basement, Crawlspace, and Structure

  4. Fireplace

  5. Roof and attic

  6. Electrical

  7. Plumbing

Systems to be Home Inspection in Fort Collins

Meet Your Inspector

Dustin Elsbernd

I am an InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector and have been in the inspection industry for 24 years with experience in civil, commercial and residential inspection. In addition to being a certified inspector, I am also a certified Radon Testing Technician/Analysist and Certified Sewer Scope Technician.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing with our dogs, doing projects around the house, and spending time at the lake.

Graduate of Inspection Go Academy

CPI# 22021105

NRPP# 112850-RMP

Home Inspector Dustin Elsbernd
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"Dustin was very thorough in his inspection and ensured we understood each aspect of his report. Very friendly and helpful. Definitely going to reach out for future inspections."
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